Best Golf Sunglasses 2023: Transform Your View of the Course

Man playing golf with sunglasses

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Golf is an outdoor game, so there is no shortage of items to help players stay comfortable on the course. One piece of frequently overlooked equipment is golf sunglasses. Any old pair of sunglasses could probably get you through a round, but the best golf sunglasses can actually enhance your game. They can help you track your ball while it flies through harsh light or pinpoint details on the course.

The Best Golf Sunglasses - Our Top Picks

Sure, a pair of comfortable golf sunglasses is not quite as essential as golf balls or golf shoes, but a great pair can make a substantial difference. Below, the ACTIVE Editorial Team has selected the best golf sunglasses available, no matter what type of golfer you are.

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Best Overall - Smith Redding Polarized

Smith Redding Polarized


  • Size: 16 mm (bridge) x 62 mm (lens width) x 41 mm (lens height) x 130 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.76 oz.
  • Frame material: Evolve
  • Lens: Glass
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%
  • Light transmission: 12%


These Smith Redding Polarized sunglasses top our list in no small part due to their ChromaPop lenses. These lenses filter specific wavelengths of light to minimize color confusion and deliver a more natural color, resulting in remarkable definition and clarity. The polarization reduces glare when trying to track your ball in harsh light, and a special coating repels moisture and dirt. We're also impressed by how secure the sunglasses are without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

While these glasses are technically designed for casual use, that doesn't mean they aren't great for golf. The 100% UV protection defends your eyes against the sun’s damaging rays while the snug fit allows you to swing as hard as you want. They also come in two colors: brown or blue lenses with black frames. Though this pair is expensive, these sunglasses are a long-term investment that will pay dividends both on and off the course.

What We Like

  • Lenses deliver natural color
  • Spring hinges keep the frame snug against your head
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating repels moisture and grime
  • Hydrophilic nose pads gently grip skin
  • Polarized lenses decrease eye strain

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Less coverage than some golf sunglasses

BUY: Smith Redding Polarized

Best Prescription Golf Sunglasses - Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

Oakley Prizm Half Jacket 2.0 XL


  • Size: 16 mm (bridge) x 60 mm (lens width) x 37 mm (lens height) x 135 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.87 oz.
  • Frame material: Nylon composite
  • Lens: Plutonite
  • Polarized: Option available
  • UV-protection: 100%
  • Light transmission: 11%


Oakley is a long-time player in the golf industry, and the Half Jacket 2.0 XL is one of their top offerings for golfers. A unique feature of these sunglasses is their semi-rimless coverage, which allows you to swap out different lenses. This can enable a golfer to use a prescription lens on the course and another lens at home, for example.

While the price is higher than many other sunglasses, the durability and convenience of the Half Jacket is nearly unmatched. The frame is lightweight but sturdy, holding a firm grip on both dry and rainy days. These golf sunglasses require little maintenance, and, for the style-forward players, there are six lens colors available, a nice opportunity to mix and match with outfits.

What We Like

  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Lightweight but durable O-Matter frame
  • PRIZM lens maximizes contrast
  • Sticky grip in poor conditions
  • 6 color variations for lenses

What We Don't Like

  • Tough to find the ball in rough
  • Can fog up easily

BUY: Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

Best Golf Sunglasses for Women - Mak Ion

Mak Ion


  • Size: 18 mm (bridge) x 54 mm (lens width) x 45 mm (lens height) x 140 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.62 oz.
  • Frame material: Acetate
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: No
  • UV-protection: 100%


It can be difficult to find a pair of women's sunglasses that work well on the course, but the Mak Ion Dragon sunglasses are sleek, stylish, and effective. With a subtle cat-eye silhouette, pale blue crystal frames, and slim temples that contour well to the face, these glasses offer a distinct look. Better yet, the sky blue ion lenses provide 100% UV protection and solid clarity.

Some slight drawbacks are that the pair is only available in one color combination and the frame material is not as durable as other luxury brands. However, it's still an effective pair of sunglasses for women golfers.

What We Like

  • Sleek design
  • Less expensive than other luxury sunglasses
  • Cat-eye silhouette
  • Sky blue ion lenses
  • Slim temples

What We Don't Like

  • Only available in one color combination
  • Frame material is cheaper than other luxury brands

BUY: Mak Ion

Best Golf Sunglasses for Men - Costa Spearo XL

Costa Spearo XL


  • Size: 17 mm (bridge) x 59 mm (lens width) x 48 mm (lens height) x 140 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.79 oz.
  • Frame material: Bio-Resin
  • Lens: Glass
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%


These sunglasses are a popular choice among men who want a stylish yet functional pair of shades. With large glass polarized lenses, the Costa Spearo XL sunglasses provide excellent coverage, stunning clarity, and first-rate sunlight protection. The hydrolite nose pads and CAM hinges make for a comfortable fit, and, combined with the extra-large lenses and thicker frames, these sunglasses stay secure even during the hardest swings.

The Costa Spearo sunglasses work especially well for men who have larger faces and want better sun protection without sacrificing style. They are a major investment, but they can increase your comfort on the course exponentially.

What We Like

  • Extra-large lens build for added coverage
  • Hydrolite nose pads for a comfortable fit
  • Available in four color combinations
  • Lightwave glass lenses for a high level of clarity
  • Comes with a hard case and microfiber cloth

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Can scratch easily

BUY: Costa Spearo XL

Best Budget Golf Sunglasses - Knockaround Mai Tais

Knockaround Mai Tais


  • Size: 18 mm (bridge) x 53 mm (lens width) x 50 mm (lens height) x 141 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.60 oz.
  • Frame material: Polycarbonate
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 99%


Some golfers don’t want an expensive pair of sunglasses for fear of losing them. For those in this category, the Knockaround Mai Tais are a wonderful option. They cost a fraction of luxury brands, but they are effective and unique. While they have smaller lenses and slightly worse UV and light protection than more expensive options, you still get polarized lenses and five fun color combinations to choose from. The circular lenses are a different look from most golf sunglasses and work well with smaller faces.

These probably won’t last for many years, but that’s the point!

What We Like

  • Very inexpensive
  • Polarized lenses decrease eye strain
  • FDA-approved, impact-resistant lenses
  • Rounded silhouette frames
  • 5 fun color combinations

What We Don't Like

  • Tint can be distracting for some
  • Light transmission is slightly worse than other brands

BUY: Knockaround Mai Tais

Best Color Golf Sunglasses - Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm

Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm


  • Size: 18 mm (bridge) x 138 mm (lens width) x 47 mm (lens height) x 128 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.02 g
  • Frame material: Nylon composite
  • Lens: Plutonite
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%


Sunglasses usually come with two lenses, but The Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm has one massive lens that wraps around the entire front of your face. This pair is made specifically for athletes because of the security and full coverage delivered by the wraparound lens and nylon composite frame. If you cycle or run in addition to playing golf, this could be a great option. The colored lens provides a crisp image and is interchangeable, so you can always put a prescription lens or another color in for different athletic events.

Sunglasses like these may not work well if you have a narrow face, and some may prefer a more traditional style, but the functionality is among the best in the industry.

What We Like

  • Very lightweight frame
  • Unobtanium nose and ear pads for security
  • High-wrap design adds coverage
  • Prizm technology makes view sharper and bolder
  • Precise optical alignment lens

What We Don't Like

  • Large lens may not be for everyone
  • Not great for narrow face shapes

BUY: Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm

Most Comfortable Golf Sunglasses - Maui Jim Akau

Maui Jim Akau


  • Size: 13 mm (bridge) x 62 mm (lens width) x 40 mm (lens height) x 136 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 0.35 oz.
  • Frame material: Nylon
  • Lens: Glass/polycarbonate hybrid
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%


It's tough to find a pair of sunglasses lighter than the Maui Jim Akau model. At just over a third of an ounce, this is by far the lightest pair on our list, and that makes them the most comfortable as well. These lenses are wider and shorter than other sunglasses, which makes their coverage unique. The frame is ultra thin and scratch resistant, and, along with the lenses, allows terrific airflow, preventing your face from sweating underneath.

It's worth noting that these glasses may break more easily than others. Certain sudden athletic movements may cause them to shift on your face more than a wraparound style, largely due to their light weight. These instances are rare, however, and we believe their comfort makes them worth the shot.

What We Like

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Thin frame is impact and scratch resistant
  • Adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads
  • 5 exciting color combos
  • Great airflow throughout lenses

What We Don't Like

  • Slim nose bridge can break if accident occurs
  • Could fall off during certain golf swings

BUY: Maui Jim Akau

Most Design Golf Sunglasses - Maui Jim Kawika Polarized

Maui Jim Kawika Polarized


  • Size: 18 mm (bridge) x 54 mm (lens width) x 40 mm (lens height) x 140 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 1.16 oz.
  • Frame material: Metal/nylon
  • Lens: Glass
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%


The Maui Jim Kawika is among the most expensive pair of sunglasses on our list, largely due to the durable and timeless design. One of the first features you will notice is the clarity of the lenses and how easily the rectangular shape rests on your face. There is an adjustable nose bridge and silicone nose pads, which help tailor the fit to your face. The frames are waterproof and oil resistant, so they stay clean in all conditions.

As it relates to golf, some of the brighter lenses available are excellent for tracking a golf ball. A high-end pair of sunglasses like this requires care, and Maui Jim includes a protective case to prevent you from accidentally crushing them when you sit back down on the golf cart.

What We Like

  • Excellent shape, breathability
  • Timeless design and style
  • Adjustable bridge to fit face
  • Lens treatment maximizes color transmission
  • Waterproof and oil resistant

What We Don't Like

  • Need to be taken care of closely to avoid scuffing
  • Very expensive

BUY: Maui Jim Kawika Polarized

Most Versatile Golf Sunglasses - Renew LL Polar

Renew LL Polar


  • Size: 18 mm (bridge) x 58 mm (lens width) x 45 mm (lens height) x 145 mm (temple length)
  • Weight: 0.77 oz.
  • Frame material: Acetate
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • UV-protection: 100%


The Renew LL Polar sunglasses bring a straightforward, classic style to the golf course with a traditional black-on-black colorway. The wide lenses and longer arms provide security despite how lightweight the sunglasses are. This pair marries luxury and affordability, and the best part is their versatility. They will work in a variety of settings and with a range of outfits without clashing against the rest of your wardrobe.

For many, the Renew LL Polar shades will look the best out of any pair on this list.

What We Like

  • Fashionable full-frame design
  • Very lightweight
  • Universally appealing silhouette
  • Frame made from five recycled plastic bottles
  • Simple and timeless design

What We Don't Like

  • Could be too big for certain faces
  • Lack of color options

BUY: Renew LL Polar

What to Consider When Buying Golf Sunglasses

There are a few key points to consider when looking at golf sunglasses. Like any pair of glasses, the first consideration is overall comfort. If the frame material and shape is annoying, no lens or style will make up for that.

Other factors to think about include the size, weight, and shape of the sunglasses. Typically, golf sunglasses have an athletic look and wide lenses, which may or may not appeal to some. Unlike normal sunglasses, golf shades need to be able to withstand the force of a golf swing, so you’ll want something secure and comfortable.

Another key consideration is the type of lenses. Are they prescription? Are they polarized? Polarized lenses reduce glare and can soften harsh light. It is a good idea to take into account the level of UV protection, too. Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes, and golfers can be out on the course for several hours at a time, so it's vital to find a pair of golf sunglasses with premium UV protection. Lastly, how big are the lenses? Larger lenses offer more coverage, so your eyes will be protected from a wider range of angles.

FAQs About Golf Sunglasses

How do I clean golf sunglasses?

You can clean golf sunglasses by running them under lukewarm water and handwashing them with mild soap. Using a soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth, will protect the lenses from scratching.

Are polarized lenses better for golf?

Polarized lenses can be effective for golf in certain situations because they reduce glare and allow golfers to easily track their ball in bright conditions. The polarized layer will prevent a golfer from having to squint while looking into harsh sunlight.

However, the glare reduction of polarized lenses can sometimes diminish subtleties when looking at the ground. In golf, this can make reading greens more difficult.

Are gray lenses good for golf?

Gray lenses are generally not recommended for golf. A neutral color like gray is helpful for blocking sunlight, but it makes it tougher to pick out the golf ball in the air. Unless you are a golfer who puts on their sunglasses in between shots and takes them off during the shot, gray lenses won’t help your game.

Do any pro golfers wear glasses?

The vast majority of professional golfers do not wear glasses of any kind while they swing. However, players like Rickie Fowler and Justin Rose are among the few who do. While it's a matter of personal preference, most professional golfers want to see the course unadulterated to help them read greens and see small details that sunglasses might alter. Some may also not feel comfortable having sunglasses on their face during the swing.

Many professional golfers will put sunglasses on between their shots. That helps provide sun protection while not affecting their swing.

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