The Healthiest Late-Night Snacks

Once you get that craving, there’s no going back: You must must have a snack. But what you reach for and when makes all the difference.

The goal for a healthy late night snack is to avoid going overboard, eating just enough calories to quell hunger without keeping you awake or filling you up, says Lauren Thomas, nutritionist at Nutrition Energy.

There are two important rules to a healthy late-night snack: 1) Eat mostly complex carbohydrates, with minimal fat and protein, which can take longer to digest and 2) Choose small portions of whole foods like seasonal fruits.

While choosing a proper late-night snack is important, consider timing as well, especially if you’re susceptible to heartburn, which can be exacerbated by eating too close to bedtime, says Samantha Hua, holistic health coach and owner of Happy Food.

Whether you should or you shouldn’t, everyone grabs a late-night snack every once in a while. These are the best foods to munch on if you’re feeling hungry after dinner.

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