The Diet Detective: Must-Know Summer Health Tips

Barbecues are Great, but Watch the Red Meat

According to research appearing in the journal Internal Medicine, increasing your red meat consumption over time is associated with an increased risk of type-2 diabetes. The results indicate that compared to a group with no change in red meat intake, increasing red meat intake by more than a half-serving per day was associated with a 48 percent elevated risk in the subsequent four-year period.

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Get Summer Abs

There are very few ways to get lean abs quickly, but one change you could make is to reduce your sodium intake. Sodium retains water and thus can result in bloating. Watch sodium in cereals, soups and other packaged foods. Keep in mind you can't just work your stomach muscles and get a flat stomach. You also need to diet. However, if you lose weight and want a strong-looking stomach, check out the American Council on Exercise's fitness library of abdominal exercises.

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Try Badminton or Throw a Frisbee

With a net, a birdie (the thing you hit) and a racquet, you can play badminton right in your own backyard, burning 315 calories per hour. Throwing a Frisbee burns about 210 calories per hour.

Water Sports and the Calorie Burn

Try these beach/water sports and burn calories:
Beach volleyball: 560 calories per hour; bodysurfing: 212 calories; Kadima (beach paddle tennis): 240 calories; kayaking: 352 calories; rowing: 492 calories; water-skiing: 422 calories; snorkeling: 352 calories; water polo: 703 calories; water volleyball: 211 calories.

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Cool Down with a Scoop of Ice Cream? True or False?

True and False. "Anything ingested that is lower than actual body temperature will initially produce a cooling effect systemically," says Gerard E. Mullin, M.D., M.H.S., the director of gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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