Your Guide to Volleyball Offensive Plays

Volleyball Action on the Net

Don't know your pipe set from your double quick? Here's a quick primer to help you improve your volleyball IQ--and decode the sport's offensive jargon.

  1. Quick Set: This is a low set that is hit while the ball is still going up or has just peaked. There are many variations. A quick one (known as 1 or A) is to the immediate front of the setter, a back one (known as a back 1 or B) is set directly behind the setter.

  2. Hut/Go: This is a set that is to the outside hitter with a high arc, intended to land just inside of the antenna. This can also be called a (4) set.

  3. Front/Back Slide: This is a quick set that is shot out horizontally either in front of, or behind, the setter. It is pushed out a little wider than a quick one. It can also be calleda (3) set.

  4. Two (2) Set: This set is directly in front of the setter up high. Can also be set behind the setter as a back two.

  5. Red: This set is set high and behind the setter for the right side hitter and should be pushed to the right antenna. Can also be called a (5) set.

  6. Back row attack: When somebody from the back row attacks the ball. They must jump from behind the ten:foot line. There are 3 different back row attacks.

  7. A Set: A back row attack from the left side.

  8. Pipe Set: A back row attack from the middle.

  9. D Set: A back row attack from the right side.

  10. X Series: There are many different combinations of this play. The traditional X is when the middle hitter comes in for a quick 1 and the outside hitter comes in for a 2. The setter can set either hitter he wants to.

  11. Spread Offense: This is when the offense is attacking from the sidelines, either a 4,5, A, or D set.

  12. Double Quick: When two of the attack options are quick sets.

  13. High Ball: A set to the left front zone:generally used off a bad pass because that is the easiest spot to set the ball.

  14. Tab6-0 Offense: When there are two setters on the court at the same time, the one in the back row sets.

  15. 6-2 Offense: When there are two setters on the court at the same time, the one in the front row sets.

  16. 16.5-1 Offense: When there is only one setter on the court, they are the only one who sets.

  17. Tool: When an attacker hits the ball off an opposing blockers arms out of bounds.

  18. Six-Pack: When an attacker hits the ball off of the face of an opposing player.

  19. Overpass: When a player passes the ball over the net on either the first or second contact, generally done by accident.

  20. Freeball: When the ball is easily passed over the net because a proper attack could not be made due to a bad set or pass.

  21. Downball: When the ball is hit over the net by a player who does not jump to attack it.

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