Party Rides for the Not-So Serious

Party Rides Baltimore

Not all riders are created equal and, thankfully, not all rides are either. Some rides are gauntlets: intense, exhausting and sweat-inducing races that require a bevy of energy gels and Power Bars to get you through the day. Others are mere get-togethers: easy, breezy rides with friends that substitute sweat for smiles and energy gels for beer.

Here's a list of the latter for those cyclists who don't take the sport—or themselves—too seriously.

Bikes and Beers Baltimore 

June 22, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland

A brewery tour on a bike: That's what you'll get at the Bikes and Beers Baltimore, a 15-mile ride around downtown Baltimore that visits the city's top breweries.

The ride includes stops at Union Craft Brewery, Heavy Seas Alehouse and Peabody Heights, before returning to Union Craft where the after party officially begins. A live band will entertain partygoers at the finish line, and all riders receive an event pint glass and a fill of their choice. Make no mistake: This is a party on two wheels.

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The Summer Seersucker Social 

July 20, 2019 in La Conner, Washington

Ditch your spandex and Lycra for a vintage seersucker suit and a flat cap. But don't worry, it's a mere 10-mile fun ride (one that's scheduled to take three hours) and penny-farthings are completely optional.

After the ride, you can enjoy a sun-soaked picnic, some ice cream and a game of croquet. It's like one of those Gatsby-themed college parties, only on a bike.

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Race the Lake 

August 25, 2019 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

If you're pedaling 90 miles, there better be something good at the finish line.

For those who register for Wisconsin's beautiful Race the Lake, you'll get to experience one of the best post-race parties a cyclist could possibly imagine. A free pasta dinner, beer and a massage (what are we, riding the Tour de France?) all await those who complete the majestic 90-mile course.

Oh, and a dri-fit shirt and finisher's medal make for some pretty great swag to boot.

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Wine and Roses Bike Ride 

October 12, 2019 in Templeton, California

If you're a connoisseur of the finer things in life—wine, for instance—you'll certainly enjoy what this ride has to offer. You can take your pick of 100-, 60-, 40- or 30-mile routes through California's majestic wine country.

After the ride, you'll kick back with a glass of wine and scrumptious barbeque. However, the ride is limited to 350 participants, so register now to reserve your spot.

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Pumpkin Pedaler Bicycle Tour 

October 2019 in Columbus, Ohio

While a 100-mile ride through Columbus, Ohio, is nice, the post-ride shenanigans are what put this race on the map. Support autism awareness and celebrate Halloween all in one go with great fun for the whole family with this bike tour through the downtown area.

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