Little Black Dress Workout Routine

No matter what event you have to attend, you always want to look your best, right? Whether you're going to family gatherings, big feasts or holiday parties, there are many occasions when you'll want to don your best little black dress. Erin Truslow, a USA Cycling and USA Triathlon coach who founded Big Pistachio Coaching and Training in Austin, Texas and a master personal trainer, has the eight moves that are guaranteed to get you ready to slip into your party dress. These moves should be done in order and repeated up to three times in a session for the best results. Beginners should aim to do each move for 45 seconds, Truslow says. Intermediate athletes should do each move for one minute and advanced up to 90 seconds, with a maximum of 30 second rest between exercises and 2 minutes between rounds, Truslow says. Photos courtesy of Erin Truslow.

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