7 Campgrounds With Good Bike Trails

Camping and biking go hand in hand, but not every campground has good bike trails. If you want to enjoy a full day of pedaling before roasting your s'mores, check out these eight campgrounds. With trails that range from easy to very technical, you're sure to find the best spot for your next adventure.

Grand View Campground

Ashton, Idaho

Located on the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, this is the perfect camping spot for a unique cycling experience. At Grand View Campground you'll enjoy something better than just good bike trails; this route runs down an abandoned railroad bed that you can peddle all the way to West Yellowstone.

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Thomas Canyon Campground

Wells, Nevada

The good bike trails here are popular for their scenic canyon views. Take the Thomas Canyon Trail, which begins at the campground, and winds you through alpine meadows and waterfalls that lead into a glacial cirque. With views like that, you won't be disappointed.

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Jenny Jump State Forest

Hope, New Jersey

Hop on the Mountain Lake Trail in this state forest and peddle past never ending views of farms, woodlands and countryside. Note glacial boulders that dot the trails; remnants left over from the Ice Age that have been chiseled down after centuries of wear and tear.

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Cades Cove Campground

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Located in the Great Smoky Mountains, the Cades Cove Loop is perfect for family biking. As an easy paved ride, people of all ages can pedal along the bike path with ease. Be sure to catch views of passing wildlife and take a step back in time as you pass by nineteenth century homesites. The path is 11 miles one way, so keep track of the time if you don't want to do a 22-mile bike ride.

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Juniper Flats Campground

Grand Island, Michigan

With more than 30 miles of good biking trails, Juniper Flats Campground is worth the trip. Families can enjoy scenic views along the southwest short road to the Trout Bay Overlook. If you want a more intense ride, take the 23-mile perimeter trail that will take you around the island in a day.

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Kickapoo State Recreation Area

Oakwood, Illinois

Known as some of the best riding in the state, 12 miles of good bike trails vary from easy to technical. Enjoy scenic views of wooded hillsides and rushing ravines as you blaze through the singletrack paths. For a difficult ride, take the Heaven and Hell loop, complete with steep descents only advanced bikers should try.

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Porcupine Campground

Hope, Alaska

This easy and relatively short ride still makes the list of campgrounds with good bike trails for its views and trail diversity. Enjoy pedaling through unique groves of ferns, devil's club and cow parsnips. Be sure to watch for large roots and rocks, which can be dangerous as you gain speed on the flat trail.

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