Spend Valentine's Day Outdoors

Go Camping

A stint in the wild can be the main ingredient in one of the most romantic getaways you've had yet. A campfire, perhaps a shared sleeping bag, cuddling to get warm, cooking breakfast and dinner, gorgeous scenery and very few distractions. Or, get really cozy and rent a cabin.?

Star Gazing

If it's a clear night and the moon isn't full (in fact, if there's practically no moon at all), head to the hills or some open space and watch the stars.This time of year is actually best for star gazing, since the atmosphere is usually clearer with the cold weather.

Sledding or Ice Skating

It's not just for 6th graders! Let go of all your adult responsibilities and take your girl or guy to an ice skating rink or snowy hill, where you can make some jumps, snow angels, have a snowball fight...the day or evening will leave your face hurting from laughing so hard and cuddling up with a warm beverage afterward.

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