5 Workouts to Help You Crush Short Races

Marathons and half marathons often get all the glory, but shorter races can be just as satisfying—and challenging. If you're training for a race in the 3- to 6-mile range, there are specific workouts that can help you cross the finish line feeling fast and strong. Ready to crush your next race? Add one (or more) of these workouts to your routine.

Before you begin: When it comes to running fast, a proper warmup is more important than ever. Since you'll be working your muscles at close to peak capacity, you'll want to gradually prepare them for the hard work ahead. Before a tough workout or race, aim to jog 1 to 2 miles at an easy pace followed by three to five strides. A stride is usually about 100 meters long and focuses on proper form. It shouldn't be an all-out sprint; try aiming for 5K pace or slightly faster. Take about 30 seconds to walk around and recover after each stride. Once you're warmed up, it's time to get fast!

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