Nike Invincible 3 Running Shoe Review: Comfort and Stability on Your Long-Distance Runs

nike invincible 3 shoes

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Taking its name from the Greek goddess of victory, Nike has been an innovator in the fitness apparel and footwear world for over 50 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Notably, they are still one of the best brands in sports conversation—especially when it comes to running.

With the latest iteration of their Invincible road running shoe, Nike ironed out the kinks of the previous versions and created a shoe meant to propel you forward with comfort and stability during your outdoor runs. The ACTIVE Reviews Team is here to walk you through the updated specifications, features, and advantages of the new and improved Invincible 3.

Whether you're running outdoors or training in the gym, read on to see if these are the best shoes for your fitness needs.

A Quick Look at the Nike Invincible 3

The Nike Invincible shoe has only been on the market since 2021, so it's practically a baby compared to other high-profile Nike shoes like the Pegasus. Nike designs footwear for endurance and longevity, so their regular updates prove that they take athlete feedback and comfort seriously. For the Invincible 3, Nike has taken what worked well for the second version and made a few adjustments to improve stability and responsiveness.

nike invincible 3 shoes


  • Price: $180
  • Weight: 310g (M), 258g (W)
  • Drop: 9mm
  • Stability: Yes


What We Like

  • High stability support and ample cushioning
  • Breathable flyknit upper
  • Wider midsole than previous versions
  • Excellent responsiveness and bounce
  • Reflective heel pull tab to easily pull shoe on and off

What We Don't Like

  • Smaller heel clip may not work for runners with flat or wide feet
  • Some aren't a fan of the large ZoomX label on the midsole
  • Not very lightweight

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Nike Invincible 3 Design

nike invincible 3 shoes

The Nike Invincible 3 is similar to its predecessor but has a few key differences. The midsole is wider than the Invincible 2, allowing for more comfort and stability. The foam stack is roughly 3 millimeters taller, and the heel clip was reduced. The ZoomX cushioning provides extra comfort for a softer feel underfoot with a stack height of 31 millimeters in the forefoot and 40 millimeters in the heel, giving you a 9-millimeter drop. You'll also find that this shoe is more true-to-size.

The placement of the shoe's cushioning was designed in such a way as to keep your feet stable and help prevent over-pronation, and feel much firmer than previous versions. It's also balanced with its "rocker" shape to help with shock absorption. The mesh Flyknit upper is secure but breathable in order to prevent overheating. There is also a pliable waffle rubber outsole that is meant to provide more grip on all terrains. The overall look of the shoe is also sleek and modern with four fresh color combinations to choose from for men and women.

Nike Invincible 3 vs. the Competitors

The Nike Invincible 3 is known for being an ultra-cushioned, excellent all-around running shoe. That said, there is stiff competition from other high-cushioned models, such as the Asics Gel-Nimbus and the ON Cloud series. These examples are running shoes that are also built for comfort and turn up on many "Best of" lists and might be your preference if you prefer a lighter weight shoe with less drop and a smaller price tag. But if you're looking for a running shoe that can tread the fine line between comfort and responsiveness, the Nike Invincible 3 is an excellent option.

Who Should Buy the Nike Invincible 3's?

Runners looking for a more cushioned and stable shoe for everyday use will like the tweaks made to this version of the Nike Invincible series. The Invincible 3's stand up well to longer endurance runs and training sessions, as well as walks and leisure wear. However, if you're looking to perform speed intervals or are running on damp terrain, this shoe may not have the amount of grip required to work for you. The same can be said for runners with wide or flat feet, as the midsole is a bit on the narrow side.

Nike Invincible 3 Final Verdict

Overall, the Nike Invincible 3 improved on many of the best elements of the previous version by adding even more cushioning without sacrificing the shoe's overall stability. Due to the padding, you may not want a shoe like this for running on the treadmill or other flatter surfaces, but it's certainly comfortable and responsive enough for high mileage, long-distance running outdoors, and cross-training. These shoes can also serve more low-impact activities, like regular walking, just as well. With the higher price point of a Nike shoe comes a quality, durable running shoe that you'll be able to put through its paces.

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What are Nike Invincible 3's good for?

The Nike Invincible 3 is a great shoe for long-distance running at a steady pace, training sessions, or regular walking.

Is the Nike Invincible 3 a stability shoe?

Yes! The Nike Invincible 3 has "high support technology" to keep your feet securely in place and help prevent overpronation while in movement.

How long do the Nike Invincible 3's last?

With most of Nike's shoes, the longevity is roughly 300-500 miles or four to six months if you run an average of 20 miles per week. If you're a little more casual with your Nike shoes, they can last about one to three years. Nike has both a return and warranty policy. You have 60 days to try out your shoes and return them if they're not working for you. If you find after purchase that your shoes are defective or wearing down faster than the two-year grace period, you can exchange them for another pair. Just make sure to check the retailer and manufacturer dates on the tag to see if you qualify. This policy will not apply to regular or expected wear-and-tear.

How do the Nike Invincible 3's fit?

The Nike Invincible 3's fit true-to-size. The forefoot and toe-box are normal-width and the midfoot is narrow, so this shoe may not be ideal for runners with wide feet.

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For the past 13 years, Erin Chancer has worked in digital publishing in the fitness and sports nutrition field. Erin has experience writing and editing workout-based, human interest, and advertorial stories within the fitness industry.

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