Nike Pegasus 40: An Iconic Running Shoe Gets Some Upgrades


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Introducing the Pegasus 40, Nike's latest and greatest model from the iconic Pegasus series. This highly anticipated release combines a few small but noteworthy upgrades with the same tried-and-true versatility that has made the Pegasus running shoe a staple for Nike fans everywhere. With a neutral design and moderate cushioning, the Pegasus 40 is engineered to be an all-purpose shoe, suited to everything from daily wear to intense marathon training.


First debuting in 1983, the Pegasus is one of Nike’s best selling running shoes. It is aptly named after the majestic winged horse of Greek mythology, symbolizing movement, quickness, and the feeling of running on air. And that is exactly what the Pegasus was designed to be—a cushioned running shoe, versatile and comfortable enough to support everything from daily wear to long-distance running without compromising performance.

If you are considering getting a pair of Pegasus 40 running shoes but have not made up your mind, you’re in the right spot. In this Nike Pegasus 40 review, you’ll find all the information you need to make that decision. We've done the research for you, digging into real customer experiences, chatting with Nike insiders, and scouring every corner of the web to bring you this comprehensive writeup on the legendary shoe.

So let's jump right in and discover all there is to know about the Pegasus 40.

A Quick Look at the Nike Pegasus 40



The brilliance of the Nike Pegasus 40 lies in the simplicity of its design. Key features include neutral support, which balances both heel and forefoot strikers, creating a secure and stable stride and making it suitable for long and short runs. The shoe's medium cushioning provides a comfortable yet responsive experience thanks to the incorporation of Nike React cushioning technology, which ensures consistent performance, run after run and day after day. With two Zoom Air units (one each in the forefoot and heel), the Pegasus 40 provides what Nike describes as a highly responsive and energized feel.

The shoe comes with a breathable single-layer mesh upper and redesigned midfoot strap to offer a comfortable fit for all foot and arch sizes. An enhanced heel area and a waffle-inspired pattern for improved traction deliver a smooth transition from heel to toe. At the same time, Nike added an extra flex groove to encourage a seamless toe-off. They took an inside-out approach when designing the Pegasus 40, ensuring that the shoe provides a comfortable and forgiving sensation in the most sensitive parts of your foot.

If you’re a fan of its predecessor, the Pegasus 39, you’ll likely carry that over to the Pegasus 40, where very subtle changes have been made. Some notable differences include a more padded collar, a larger heel area, Nike React midsole foam, and increased flex along the sole. The shoe's breathable single-layer mesh upper and redesigned midfoot strap offer a comfortable and inviting fit for all foot sizes, widths, and arch sizes. Users describe the fit as comfortably secure while still allowing for flexibility. The 40’s revamped heel area is intended to optimize the landing space and enhance durability.

If you are a Nike newbie, you may be asking, why make the leap from your current brand favorite to Nike?

Nike has long been a trailblazer in the world of sportswear, with a reputation for introducing innovative technology that focuses on performance. Most recognized by the signature Nike swoosh, Nike sneakers can be found listed as the “best of” in several shoe categories. All Nike sneakers vary slightly from each other in their level of support, cushion, and responsiveness, especially as they have evolved over time. Clearly, Nike offers a sneaker for everyone.



  • Price: $130
  • Weight: 10.9 oz. (men’s 10.5), 8.5 oz. (women’s 8)
  • Drop: 10mm
  • Material: Outsole—waffle design and Duralon blown rubber; Upper—engineered mesh with flywire technology


What We Like

  • Padded collar
  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Price remained unchanged from Pegasus 39
  • Wide sizes available
  • Reportedly has great lockdown in midfoot area

What We Don’t Like

  • Relatively heavy running shoe for longer distances
  • Some users felt the responsiveness was disappointing

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Who Should Buy the Nike Pegasus 40?

Engineered with neutral support, medium cushioning, Nike’s React technology, and two Zoom Air units, the Pegasus 40 is incredibly versatile and is often described as one of the most comfortable trainers. The Pegasus 40 is a solid choice for anyone in search of a reasonably priced running shoe capable of supporting your next 5-mile run as well as a day of walking around town. According to users, this shoe provides a smooth, comfortable, and stable ride that is best suited for mid-distance runs.

Although Nike claims the Pegasus can support long-distance training, its weight and technology would indicate otherwise. According to Nike, a lightweight running shoe typically weighs less than 8 ounces. The weight of the Pegasus 40 is a bit heavier than that and may not be the most ideal shoe for those long runs. Several users also report that, despite its two Zoom Air units, the Pegasus 40 does not provide the level of responsiveness a sprinter or long-distance runner might be looking for. Still, it’s a great option for anyone seeking a reliable shoe versatile enough to run or hit the gym in.

If you are someone who needs extra stability or a high level of cushioning, the Pegasus 40 may not fill the bill. The reason it appeals to such a large audience is that its specs fall somewhere in the middle of the road, kind of like Goldilocks. The cushioning is not too hard and not too soft, the support is not overly corrective but not absent all together, and the price won’t break the bank, but it’s not the lowest cost option either.

Nike Pegasus 40 Price

Currently selling for $130, the Nike Pegasus 40 certainly is not the cheapest sneaker on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive. It falls right in the middle, offering runners and walkers a high-quality, well-designed, affordable, everyday trainer. What makes this shoe an especially good choice at this price point is its versatility. Suitable for the gym, a walk, a run, or a stroll through town, the Pegasus 40 offers a solid return on your investment.


Nike Pegasus 40 Design


The Nike Pegasus 40 is very similar in design to its predecessor, with the same level of responsiveness and neutral support. According to Nike, their team of engineers worked from the inside out when redesigning the respected Pegasus 39. With the intent of improving comfort and breathability, they gave the 40 a forgiving single-layer mesh upper designed to conform to your foot, which is a noticeable change from the 39. Additionally, there is a redesigned midfoot strap that molds around your foot offering a more comfortably secure fit with impressive lockdown.

Featuring the Nike React technology and a Zoom Air Unit strategically placed in the forefoot and heel, the Pegasus 40 was made to support your heel-to-toe transition with a propulsive toe-off. You’ll find moderate cushioning intentionally placed along the underfoot to encourage this smooth transition when walking or running, which the Pegasus 39 lacked.

In addition, the Pegasus 40 is equipped with a padded collar, larger heel area, and a waffle-inspired pattern on the outsole for improved traction. This model also comes with an extra flex groove, which contributes to the smooth toe-off.

Our Final Verdict

The Pegasus 40 is a multi-purpose training shoe that offers runners and walkers alike a comfortable and decently responsive journey. With its neutral support, medium cushioning, and subtle improvements from the Pegasus 39, it continues to be a shoe that works for many runners. It caters to both heel and forefoot strikers, providing a balanced stride. Its medium cushioning effectively reduces the impact of each foot strike while retaining the shape of your foot for a consistent feel. Runners, walkers, and gym-goers of all levels will likely be pleased with the performance of this legendary running shoe.

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FAQs About Nike Pegasus 40

Are Nike Pegasus Good for Running?

Yes! The Nike Pegasus is one of Nike’s longest-standing running shoes series. They are designed to accommodate all runners, providing neutral support that suits both heel and toe strikers. Designed with a medium amount of cushioning and a reported high-level of responsiveness, their overall engineering is optimized for short- to mid-distance runners.

What’s the difference between Pegasus 39 and 40?

Pegasus 40 running shoes come with some small but important upgrades, including a thicker collar, expanded heel area, and Nike React midsole cushioning. Nike also added an extra flex groove to provide better traction and to ensure a smoother heel-to-toe transition. The redesigned midfoot strap and single-layer mesh offer a secure and comfortable fit, appropriate for all arch sizes.

Are Nike Pegasus 40 true to size?

According to the vast majority of reviews, the Pegasus 40 runs true to size. Since it also comes in wide sizes, the Pegasus 40 can accommodate even more of the running shoes population.

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Kristine Golden

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Kristine has been immersed in the fitness world for nearly 20 years. She has competed in marathons and Ironman races and earned a spot to compete in the 2012 Age Group National Championship Olympic Triathlon.

See More from Kristine

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