The Power of Pace & Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training and Zones
The Speedometer includes one of the most useful features of all top heart monitors: Heart Zones. Set a lower and upper limit and listen for the special heart tone. This feature is wonderful if you have grown accustomed to your heart rate monitor but want to incorporate pace and distance training into your workout. On hot days you can't run as efficiently. For a given pace, you will maintain a higher heart rate then on a cooler day. By using the heart rate zones, you will be able to see if you are pushing too hard even thought your pace is telling you otherwise. With the combined feedback of pace and heart rate, you can monitor changes in your performance. When cruising at a constant pace during a run and, while on the flats you see your heart rate going up, you will know you need to take on fuel to make it to the finish. Avoid the wall!

Now you can have heart rate, pace and distance ON ONE WORKOUT SCREEN. Who wants to wear two watches and endure the ridicule of training partners and friends. Ever tried pushing the START button on two watches at once? Don't. A Speedometer is the complete training tool.

For the beginning runner, walking breaks are a great way to stay motivated and go further. Walking reduces the stress on overworked muscles and allows you to conserve energy for the end of a run or race. The Speedometer is the world's first training tool for the run-walker. It accurately measures speed and distance for any speed from a slow walk to a fast run. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the reported distance if you stop and walk once during your run or stop every three minutes. Use the interval alert feature to schedule regular walking breaks (maybe you want to walk for 0.2 miles every mile). As you get fitter your walking breaks will get shorter and less frequent. Watch your fitness improve using the speedometer's detailed charts. Compare your average speed over time. And you thought running was boring!

The Power of Pace and Heart Rate
A speedometer a device that accurately tracks pace, distance, and heart rate, and provides detailed analysis of your workouts on the computer for a complete picture of your fitness. The instant feedback of the device lets you know if you are keeping pace, while simultaneously monitoring your heart rate to let you know if you are pushing yourself too hard or not hard enough. Use the feedback from the device to train smarter. Make sure you are going at the right pace and in the right heart rate zone for your intended workout, and with the device's instant feedback, adjust your pace along the way instead of realizing you were off only after you're finished. As your training progresses, your fitness level will improve, and you will see that you are able to run faster and further while maintaining a lower heart rate. Seeing your improvement, with data from the device, is a great motivator. It's like getting a pat on the back for a job well done. What ever your fitness goals are, a speedometer can help you achieve them.

Jesse Darley was a two-time cross-country All-American at MIT. He finished 42nd at the 1998 Boston Marathon and was a regular in the New England Grand Prix Road Racing circuit while running for the Greater Boston Track Club. Today, you can find Jesse in Madison, WI contemplating a future in trail racing. He urges you to keep the pace.

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