9 Reasons Sprint Triathlons Are the Best Distance

When people hear "triathlon," their mind may automatically conjure images of the granddaddy of them all—IRONMAN—which involves a 2.4 mile swim and 112-mile bike ride before culminating in a 26.2 marathon run.

What many don't know is that triathlons come in a variety of sizes, the shortest distance among them being the sprint. Sprint triathlons can vary in distance, but generally they include a 0.5-mile (750 m) swim, 12.4-mile (20K) bike and 3.1-mile (5K) run. In addition to simply being a great gateway into the sport of triathlon, sprint distances have a lot to offer newcomers and novices alike.

In fact, we think it might just be triathlon's best distance.

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