The Best Long-Distance Triathlons You've Never Heard Of

There are a lot of people who have raced Kona more than once. I recently met someone who's raced Ironman Louisville eight times, though. And all I could think was "Seriously? Louisville?" Don't get me wrong, I've been to Louisville. I like the town, and I'd go back again. It's been about eight years since the last time I was there. If I go again, it'll probably be another eight years before I go back. Unless it's a truly magical setting, why would you keep going back to the same course year after year? And let's be honest: Compared to Kona, Louisville and Chattanooga are not magical. If you're part of that market looking for an M-dot branded race, then by all means head to Louisville or Chattanooga. But if you've been around the same block many times, perhaps you need to consider a more exotic location for your next 140.6 race. You can find these races, but they won't have that familiar logo on them. Here are nine great recommendations

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