The Best Stocking Stuffers for Triathletes in 2021

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Training for and racing in a triathlon can be surprisingly expensive. When you take the gear for each sport, the cost of gym memberships and massages, race entry fees and cost of travel into account, it adds up quick. 

But for every wheelset that costs $5,000, there are umpteen other pieces of gear that cost much, much less. So, to make this not-so-elusive hunt easier and more fun for you, we gathered several of our favorite stocking stuffers for triathletes that cost at or below $50. 

This means that you can fill your triathlete's stocking (or your own stocking) up with anything from stylish polarized running sunglasses, high-quality whey protein, racing goggles and more. Also, be sure to check out our running, cycling and fitness stocking suffer guides for more triathlon-friendly gift ideas! 

Nathan Adventure Polarized Running Sunglasses


Inexpensive sunglasses shouldn't mean your triathlete has to forgo important features. New for 2021, Nathan released a collection of polarized running sunglasses, all built with injection-molded polycarbonate polarized lenses, a thermoplastic lightweight frame and grippy TPE inserts on nose and template. They're everything your triathlete wants, and nothing they don't (plus, they look great, too).

BUY: Nathan Adventure Polarized Running Sunglasses, $50

Roll Recovery R4


This isn't your average foam roller! The R4 Body Roller was designed to target specific muscle groups through its centered groove. This will help your triathlete relax their spine and neck while rolling their back muscles. Plus, it can also single out the IT-band and Achilles tendon by focusing on surrounding muscles. It's made out of high-density EVA foam for durability, comes in a few different colors and is only 18 inches long.

BUY: Roll Recovery R4, $49.99

Gnarly Nutrition Whey Subscription 


Subscription services are more popular than ever, and now thanks to Gnarly Nutrition, this also includes whey protein! Start your triathlete's subscription off by gifting them a 20-serving tub of whey protein (essentially a free month). It's derived purely from antibiotic-free, non-rBGH grass-fed cow's milk, and it includes a digestive enzyme mix to improve protein absorption and assimilation. 

BUY: Gnarly Nutrition Whey Subscription, $47.96/month

PRO Discover Top Tube Bag


A top tube bag is a triathlete's best friend—it's a convenient solution for storing everything from gels, bars, lip balm and more to use while training on the bike. The PRO Discover Top Tube Bag has a 700ml capacity, features a waterproof construction and zipper, weighs only 107 grams and has a cable exit for charging while riding. The two-bolt or Velco construction means it'll fit just about any road bike or triathlon bike. 

BUY: PRO Discover Top Tube Bag, $45

ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card

advantage gift guide

While this gift card technically comes in over $50, it's still an affordable option to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Get discounts on gear and services you already use for fitness, cooking, health and fun. This premium membership comes with exclusive perks from top health and fitness brands, like Adidas, HelloFresh, Aaptiv and more! Plus, save on fun with discounts on camping, live events and hotels. Give the gift of savings with the ACTIVE Advantage Membership eGift Card. Whether they're into marathons, yoga, personal training, cooking, camping or travel, the discounts will give them more of what they love for less. Buy an Advantage Membership eGift today! Learn more about all the benefits included with ACTIVE Advantage here.

BUY: ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card, $89.95

TYR Men's 8" Competitor Core Tri Short


A good pair of triathlon shorts is one of the most important pieces of gear in a triathlete's arsenal. TYR has long been celebrated by swimmers and triathletes for its thoughtful designs, and the new 8-inch Competitor Core Tri Short checks all the boxes of what makes an affordable pair great. They're made with woven stretch material for recovery and durability, and the specialized compression webbing helps promote blood flow and maximized muscle performance for swimming, cycling and running. 

BUY: TYR Men's 8" Competitor Core Tri Short, $49.99

Gluten-Free Honey Stinger Waffles


Gels have their advantages, but sometimes your triathlete needs something a bit more "real." Honey Stinger Waffles have been around for a while, but the new gluten-free cookies and cream flavor is must-try. It's a classic combination, and with the non-GMO, organic ingredients (a.k.a. honey) that provide natural energy, it's a win-win. 

BUY: Gluten-Free Honey Stinger Waffles, $17.99/box of 12

Saucony Fortify Convertible Gloves


Wave goodbye to the wind and cold with these Fortify Convertible Gloves from Saucony. They're a mid-weight glove that aren't too hot or too cold. Plus, they have a convertible wind mitt cover that tucks into a backhand pocket. The gridded fleece on the thumb is great for cold-induced runny noses, and the reflective trim and logo marks will keep your triathlete seen on low light runs. 

BUY: Saucony Fortify Convertible Gloves, $45

Wahoo Fitness SYSTM Training Platform 


No matter your triathlete's goal, there's something on SYSTM that'll help them maximize their full potential. It's a subscription-based training tool from Wahoo Fitness that uses fitness testing (called 4-Dimensional Power) to give athletes insight into their athletic ability and provide them with training plans to support their strengths. There's also plans for strength workouts, yoga flows and perhaps most importantly, mental health.

BUY: Wahoo Fitness SYSTM Training Platform, $14.99/month

Hydra Cup 30oz Shaker Bottle


Why let your triathlete head to the gym with two shaker bottles when one will suffice? The Hydra Cup features two 15oz chambers, one for pre-workout and one for post-workout nutrition. The lid snaps on for a tighter fit compared to other shaker bottles, and each chamber has its own cap. The new shaker bottle base also makes cleaning out all the leftover grime super easy. 

BUY: Hydra Cup 30oz Shaker Bottle, $11.97

TYR Edge-X Racing Goggle


There's arguably nothing better to a triathlete than using a brand-new pair of goggles in the pool. Gift your triathlete this pleasure with the new TYR Edge-X Racing Google, featuring an ultra-low-profile design, a wide peripheral field of vision and Durafit silicone gaskets. Each pair comes with five removable nose bridge size options, so your triathlete can find their perfect fit, too. 

BUY: TYR Edge-X Racing Goggle, $21.99

XTERRA Neoprene Swim Cap


Does your triathlete still enjoy open water swims, even in the winter? If so, they'd no-doubt appreciate a little extra warmth up top with the XTERRA Neoprene Swim Cap. It's a great tool to help increase cold-water endurance, and the design has been tested to keep head and ears up to three degrees warmer. 

BUY: XTERRA Neoprene Swim Cap, $35

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