11 Yoga Poses for a Full-Body Workout

Many athletes see yoga as a way to stretch and increase mobility, but yoga can also be a challenging, full-body workout.

These 11 poses are part of a group of functional yoga postures, meaning postures that best increase athletic performance. These postures below will challenge your single leg balance, core stability, muscular strength and cardiovascular stamina.

The goal of this sequence is to stay tight and fluid as you transition from pose to pose. Once you make your way to the push-ups and core work, your focus should be on maintaining the best alignment possible, while challenging your strength.

The sequence should be performed on the right side all the way through, and then on the left. Then repeat the sequence on both sides one more time.

After you complete this sequence, you will have accumulated 20 pushups, 20 lunges and six minutes of core work. Beyond that, you will stretch your hamstrings and shoulders, find more movement in your spine, increase your balance, test your strength and better your mind and body connection.

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