Healthiest Cocktails for Athletes

Jay Hung is the CEO of Bevvy, a social platform connecting and inspiring cocktail enthusiasts around the world to drink better. As an avid cyclist and fitness nut, health is an immensely important part of his lifestyle—but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to give up a good drink.

Fitness-minded people have a tendency to be a bit obsessive—I say that with great affection, as an avid cyclist myself. We optimize our workouts and diets down to the last second, interval and calorie, to a degree that many people find excessive. 

For us though, it’s part of the fun.

One vice that athletes often feel like they have to forgo altogether is, of course, alcohol. While booze certainly isn’t the absolute healthiest thing you can consume, especially if you’re on a strict training regimen and can't afford a hangover, there’s little need to abstain entirely.

These healthy cocktails will keep the calorie count to a minimum, while still tasting just as good.

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