33 Trendy Fitness Classes You Have to Try

Miami: CrossFit

What to expect: A no-frills gym (called a box), a whiteboard displaying your workout of the day (called a WOD) and basic but challenging moves (pull-ups, etc.). The kicker: You won't get breaks between moves.

Know before you go: You'll keep a tally of rep count and weight load for every exercise. (The goal: Gradually increase your reps, speed and the amount you can lift.) Don't think of it as a competition with other CrossFitters but with yourself.

Your turn: Try SELF's three calorie-crunching WODs.

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Miami: The Bar Method

What to expect: A one-hour, totalbody workout that rolls through dumbbell moves, push-ups and leg lifts at the barre, plus ab work on a mat. Muscles. Will. Quiver. Don't fight it. Shaking legs mean you're toning. Proof that the routine really works: Regulars say they've lost dress sizes and 10-plus pounds. Aim to arrive 20 minutes early.

Know before you go: Be one of the first to get in the proper position: On days 1 to 15 of the month, veterans know that every move will begin with the right hand or foot; on days 16 to the end of the month, switch to the left hand or foot.

Your turn: Buy the new Bar Method DVD, Super Sculpting Workouts, on the website ($20); a counter top or chair can sub as a barre.

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Miami: Guns

What to expect: The sundress arms of your dreams in a 30-minute sculptathon with continuous sets of flyes, raises and shoulder extensions. Best of all? The ladies pack the heat! Women make up more than half the group, and the friendly but competitive atmosphere encourages beginners to grab the 10-pounders instead of the 5-pounders.

Know before you go: The class is called Guns, but that doesn't mean your biceps will turn into AK-47s. (Women simply don't have enough testosterone to bulk like the Hulk.) Here, you'll get lean muscles.

Your turn: Arm yourself by taking these cues from the class: Grab a set of heavy 'bells (aim for a weight you can lift only 10 times), and do 3 sets each of shoulder presses, biceps curls and triceps kickbacks.

Miami: Power Yoga

What to expect: Anusara and Ashtanga poses (you jump from one position to the next to build strength) in an inclusive atmosphere. No one's laying claim to a yoga mat space here. Novices are greeted with a smile and given a rundown of the "monkeyisms" (insider lingo that GM yogis use).

Know before you go: The nickname for the studio is Tree House, and the lounge has free Wi-Fi, so friends will often meet here pre-class to hang.

Your turn: Adopt the Green Monkey attitude: Grin, instead of gritting your teeth, during those muscle-scorching last seconds of plank pose. We'll bet you hold it longer. pose. We'll bet you hold it longer.

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