33 Trendy Fitness Classes You Have to Try

Chicago: Ropes Training

What to expect: Picture the rope used for tug-of-war when you were a tyke. A whole row of these babies (called undulation ropes) are anchored to a bar, and you'll hold one end&mdsh;or two!—to chop, wave and create circles. For 30 minutes, you'll switch between timed intervals of rope churning and "breaks" of squats and lunges.

Know before you go: Don't worry about calluses. Rope ends are smoothed out and won't rub or burn your hands. Promise.

Your turn: Buy your own monster ropes at (starting at $75), and watch its how-to video.

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Chicago: Music Yoga Flow

What to expect: The core-sculpting postures associated with cult favorite Exhale Core Fusion (planks, Boat pose and Triangle), plus traditional Sun Salutations and Warrior poses, set to rock, reggae, blues, world and classical. The tunes are meant to energize you so you can gradually increase your speed from pose to pose to reach a crescendo—then slowly cool down.

Know before you go: If you name-drop your favorite tune to the instructor, she'll play it at your next session.

Your turn: Download taped sessions at ($20 for an all-access month's subscription).

Chicago: Body 360

What to expect: A slew of proven sculpting tools—stability balls, dumbbells, pilates rings—to tone all 360 degrees of your bod. The workout rolls from exercise to exercise without a break using the different props so you never burn out one muscle group or get bored.

Know before you go: You use familiar equipment, but the creative moves are tough! It's not frowned upon if first-timers do toners sans props.

Your turn: Use the Body 360 philosophy: Don't just train what you see in the mirror. Target your sides, inner thighs and back, too.

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