33 Trendy Fitness Classes You Have to Try


The Windy City might remind you of deep-dish pizza and hot dogs, but fat melting is also on the menu. Chi-Town boasts some of the coolest calorie-crushing classes in the country.

Chicago: Flywheel

What to expect: Stadium-style seating in this cycling studio means there's no bad spot to be; bikes track pedaling (RPMs) and resistance (torq) so you can't skimp on either. The famous "torqboard" is a flat screen that intermittently flashes riders' stats so you can race to be the strongest and fastest.

Know before you go: You don't have to see your name in lights. If the torqboard intimidates you, you can opt out when you sign up.

Your turn: Friendly competition like Flywheel's can help you push harder for longer, regardless of the workout, research shows. Invite a fit pal to your next ride!

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Chicago: WERQ

What to expect: Throw out jazz hands and tush shakes to the beat of Top 40 rock, pop and hip-hop while you join classgoers to belt out Kelly Clarkson and Kanye. Instructors first show footwork without arms and go through steps at least four times for those with two left feet.

Know before you go: The class borrows its name from dance slang. When you perform the perfect dance move, you're "werqing it."

Your turn: Watch the site's sample video, and "werq" from home, channeling your favorite So You Think You Can Dance? contestant.

Chicago: The Caveman Workout

What to expect: Dragging truck tires, swinging sledgehammers, throwing sandbags and even carrying an empty beer keg up stairs. For 45 minutes, you'll get positive hoots, hollers and high-fives from fellow cavemen, half of whom are women.

Know before you go: Don't let the word sledgehammer freak you out. Instructors encourage you to go slowly to really nail the form.

Your turn: Try this Stone Age move for slammin' shoulders: Hold a paint can in both hands at chest height with elbows out.

Chicago: Barre Brawl

What to expect: An hour-long kickboxing-meets-barre routine that will earn you a knockout body. The format: Punch like crazy. Do glute-burning barre moves. Throw out countless kicks. Reee-peat.

Know before you go: The studio floor is made of the same material as tennis shoes but 10 times thicker; the super padded surface absorbs the shock of those bazillion jumps.

Your turn: Subscribe from the site to Barre Bee Fit's free YouTube channel for weekly workout videos.

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